from Lisbon

get to the 2nd city ring (2º cirular)
take exit 14 in the direction of A12/Sul/Ponte Vasco da Gama
take the IC17 (240m)
Continue to the A12 (Motorway with fees, 35.1 km)
Continue until IP1 (follow the roadsigns to Évora) (Motorway with fees, 1.2 km)
Take the exit to the A2 (Motorway with fees, 66 km)
Take the exit nº 9 in direction of Sines/Grândola/Santiago do Cacem (Motorway with fees, 350m)

From Faro:

Take the A22 to Lisbon/Portimão/Albufeira (22.1 km)
take exit nº 10 to the A2 in the direction of Lisbon (Motorway with fees, 88.9 km)
take exit 11 in the directio of Santiago do Cacem (Motorway with fees, 900m)
Turn left in the direction of N261 (12.0 km)
Turn right in the direction of IC1 (2.5 km)
take a slight left curve in direction of N261
Pass one roundabout (1.6 km)
Take a right and continue on the N261 to Santiago do Cacem

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